AmBonus FAQ 
  • 1.What can I redeem with my AmBonus Points?
    You have a choice of more than 30 gifts and vouchers for redemption in the AmBonus Rewards Catalogue. You also have a choice to use your points for cash redemption.
  • 2.How do I know how much AmBonus Points have been accumulated?
    Every month, your card statement will reflect your points balance on the last page of the statement or you may call our Contact Centre at 1300-80-8888 (Domestic) or +603-2178 8888 (International).

    If you are PrePaid Cardmember, please contact our Contact Centre at 1300-80-8888 (Domestic) or +603-2178 8888 (International) to enquire on your AmBonus point accumulated.​
  • 3.How do I make a redemption?
    a) You can fax the redemption form to 03-2171 3171, or
    b) Call our Customer Service Officer at 1300-80-8888 (Domestic) or + 603-2178 8888 (International). , or
    c) Mail your redemption form to P.O. Box 12938, 50794 KL.

    Redemption form is at the back of this catalogue.​
  • 4.Can I combine my points for redemption?
    As a principal cardmember, you can combine points in both your principal card and supplementary card for redemption.​
  • 5.Can my supplementary cardmember redeem the points too?
    Your supplementary cardmember can only redeem points accumulated in the supplementary card account.​
  • 6.Do I earn AmBonus Points on my Supplementary Card(s)?
    Yes, all retail purchases charged to your supplementary card(s) will earn AmBonus Points.​
  • 7.Can I opt for cash rebates instead of points?
    Your points are redeemable for cash. With just 30,000 AmBonus Points you can redeem for RM150 cash rebate. This amount will be credited into your card account. Redemption of cash rebate must be in blocks of RM150. The next 30,000 AmBonus Points will earn you another RM150 and so on.​
  • 8.Is there an expiry date to the points in my account?
    Your points carry a 3-year expiry based on first-in-first-out in yearly block basis, e.g. points accumulated between 1 June 2008 to 31 May 2009 will expire upon May 2011 statement date.​
  • 9.Can I still redeem if my points have expired?
    Only unexpired points are valid for redemption.​
  • 10.What is FastTrack and how does it work?
    FastTrack allows you to redeem gifts faster using lesser AmBonus Points and RM value portion will be debited to your Card Account.​
  • 11.The item(s) that you redeemed will be couriered to you. No delivery will be made to P.O. Box address and address outside Malaysia.
    The item(s) that you redeemed will be couriered to you. No delivery will be made to P.O. Box address and address outside Malaysia.​
  • 12.How long is the delivery time?
    The delivery will usually take between 6 to 8 weeks from receipt of request.​
  • 13.How do I check on the delivery status?
    You can call our Contact Centre at 1300-80-8888 (Domestic) or +603-2178 8888 (International).​
  • 14.Can I exchange the item that I redeemed with another item?
    Exchange is not allowed once the redemption request is received by AmBank/AmIslamic Bank.​
  • 15.What if the item that I received is damaged?
    Contact our Contact Centre at 1300-80-8888 (Domestic) or +603-2178 8888 (International) within three (3) working days from the date of receipt for a replacement.
    Any claims made after the 3-working day period will not be entertained.

    (Products with manufacturer's warranty should be sent directly to the manufacturer/supplier)​
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