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Foreign Exchange Rates
Foreign Exchange Rates - Ringgit to 1 Unit of Foreign Currency
  • Currency Selling TT/OD (RM) Buying TT (RM) Buying OD (RM)
    Australian Dollar2.92302.83302.8250
    Canadian Dollar2.97102.87502.8680
    Swiss Franc3.48603.39103.3840
    Pound Sterling5.31605.20405.1940
    New Zealand Dollar2.61702.52302.5130
    Singapore Dollar2.61402.52602.5210
    Brunei Dollar2.61002.52802.5250
    US Dollar3.32103.23403.2290
    Papua New Guinea Kina1.40000.00000.0000
Foreign Exchange Rates - Ringgit to 100 Units of Foreign Currency
  • Currency Selling TT/OD (RM) Buying TT (RM) Buying OD (RM)
    Danish Krone58.600052.800052.6000
    Hong Kong Dollar43.600041.000040.7000
    Indonesian Rupiah0.03000.02500.0250
    Japanese Yen3.08802.97802.9730
    Norwegian Krone52.500047.300046.8000
    Philippine Peso7.70007.00006.9000
    Swedish Krona47.400042.900042.4000
    Thai Baht10.88009.35009.1000
    Saudi Riyal89.900084.700084.6000
    Indian Rupee5.43905.27105.2660
    Chinese Renminbi55.100052.000051.8000
    Bangladesh Taka4.72000.00000.0000
    Sri Lanka Rupee2.63000.00000.0000
    Pakistani Rupee3.35000.00000.0000
    South African Rand31.46000.00000.0000
    United Arab Emirates Dirham91.37000.00000.0000
    Qatari Rial91.90000.00000.0000
  • Last Update: 24 October 2014 at 04:35 PM
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